A downloadable game for Windows

Created overnight for a jam.

Play as one of two marshmallow/sandbag/soap creatures, in shared screen with another person, or versus an ai opponent.

Seven different colored blobs fall from the sky, giving you arms that perform different moves. Or, you can hit them to turn them into projectiles. To win, you must knock your opponent off the stage.

One keyboard and one controller input are supported. You can also play against the ai with either.

Keyboard moves with arrow keys and space, controller with d-pad. All other controls displayed in-game.


Thousand-Push Plummet.zip 2 MB


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Hey there! congrats on getting 3rd place! can i get a square gif of the game thats under 2mb for our site

Ohh, thank you! Here's a gif, hope it works, should be about 1 mb: